Food and drug interactions and their impact on your health

I am going to write about food and drug interactions and their impact on your health. What are food-drug interactions The presence, constitution, and scheduling of food may influence the absorption of multiple of the immunosuppressive medications. Since the avoidance of food consumption at the […]

Unhealthy Food and Exercise

Have you ever wondered what kind of effect, positive or negative, does consumption of unhealthy food and lack of exercise exert on your body? You probably know that eating unhealthy food with lack of exercise is bad for you. Is it possible to exercise daily, […]

How to Get Motivated to Change

I am going to write about how to get motivated to change. How to get motivated to lose weight and exercise You can start by asking yourself, why would you want to lose weight and exercise? If you are overweight or obese, you would desire […]

Lifestyle Modification and Hypertension

I am going to write about lifestyle modification and hypertension. Lifestyle changes and high blood pressure You should embrace lifestyle modification if you are being treated for high blood pressure because not everyone with high blood pressure requires pharmacologic therapy. Treatment of high blood pressure […]

Overview of erectile dysfunction

I am going to write about an overview of erectile dysfunction. Male erectile dysfunction ED is described as the recurrent or consistent inability to obtain or sustain an erection of sufficient stiffness and duration for sexual intercourse. The occurrence of sexual activity declines with age […]

Benefits of Healthy Eating and Exercise

I am going to write about benefits of healthy eating and exercise. Best foods to eat to increase metabolism Green tea is extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis. It contains a number of polyphenols that are biologically active and are used in cancer patients because […]

Why Take Calcium Supplements

I am going to write about why take calcium supplements. What’s so special about calcium? You know that calcium is predominantly found in your bones and teeth. During your teenage years (from the onset of puberty to the second decade of life) the demand for […]

Why Take Magnesium

I am going to write about the advantages and disadvantages of magnesium. Why take magnesium? You need to take magnesium for correction or prevention of hypomagnesemia (magnesium deficiency). Magnesium is important as a metallic ion necessary to participate in many enzymatic reactions in the body […]

How to Lose Weight and Not Feel Hungry

  How is it possible to lose weight and not feel hungry? Adequate hydration is necessary to diminish the hungry feeling you get from eating small portions of food. Your hunger will not be suppressed but it will be within a range of tolerance. Dehydration, […]

Healthy Eating Recipe – Promotes Weight Loss

I am going to write about healthy foods, their importance and their contribution to weight loss. What healthy foods help us lose weight Dark leafy greens like spinach and broccoli are abundant in vitamin A which is vital to normal vision. Green leafy vegetables are […]

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